Tattooed Hand Prints

I kept seeing this concept from tattoo artists and pinterest and really wanted to try doing my own on procreate. I started by taking a photo of my hands for reference because hands are bloody difficult to draw!! I wanted to use the super cute cherub in barbed wire for one hand which I had drawn previously and then just had fun doodling!

I then thought it would look so sick in colour, the majority of my tattoos are traditional and super colourful so it just made sense. 

I love prints and have sooo many from tattoo artists and artists and thought this would look nice on my wall next to the others!

SURPRISE, I made my own which I feel was the obvious next step hah!


I framed one as soon as I got it and hoyed it on my wall because I am way too impatient.


If you would be interested it is on my Etsy.


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