Friday, 28 June 2019

Monstera Canteen // go on

SO Monstera Canteen has just opened up and I would URGE you to go there NOW! Its all vegan and homemade by Greg the owner. The aesthetic is literally beaut and the atmosphere is so chill, the perfect spot for some scran if you are feeling hungry, or just want a delicious treat. 

 I had the traditional breakfast which featured this bloody delicious tofu scrambled (fake) eggs, the seasoning was banging and perfect. I always thought of tofu as being pretty tasteless so he has done a fab job with a staple in a fry up.
You know after a greasy spoons you feel disgustang? Well after this I felt fab, I also had a wedding that afternoon and felt fine in my dress and ready to drink  A LOT of prosecco from the free bar.

 There are adorable plants on the wall and so many treats next to the counter, all vegan. Also if you can please try some of the baked goods made by Nancy. She makes so many sweet treats and again all vegan and delicious. If you get a chance to go please do, you wont regret it. 
ALSO two doors down is Rivergate Tattoo, if you want a sick banger go visit the queens there, the majority of my tattoos have been done there and I am bared chuffed with all of them.

On another note I have become recently obsessed with growing things, from left to right I have some tomato seeds, rocket seeds, then strawberries, the herbs are thyme and rosemary and also some lovely lavender (not sure what the red plant is). I am loving it and getting far too excited as soon as the little seedling starts to grow. Its so satisfying and I am just hoping I can grow something edible lol.

Thank you for reading, soz thats its all over the place!!

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