Saturday, 15 June 2019

All Points East Festival

Bag is form Dr martens and belt is New Look 

A few weeks ago I went to All Points East, I had no plans to go because I went to Slam Dunk instead and didnt really have the money for both. BUT the week before my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go and I said well yeh, to see Bring Me The Horizon and Architects would be so sick. But its hella expensive to go? For some reason O2 were offering FREE tickets to the festival which is madness! I couldnt believe it but wasnt going to miss it considering its a freebie.

My boyfriend was so hyped because he loves Bring Me so much, and I was so happy to be seeing them and Architects. A couple years ago Architects were due to play Download but unfortunately that was when Tom was very ill so they had to pull the set and a couple months later he sadly passed away. I feel so grateful that I was able to see them at All Points East, I absolutely LOVED their album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us and I am so grateful to have watched them on a beautiful friday evening. 
Bring me absolutely nailed their set, my bf and had such a great time, I even ended up on his shoulders and luckily neither of us fell and lost our teeth - bonus. 
The evening was so good and I am so bloody pleased I was able to go. Safe to say I wasnt feeling 100% for work the next day teehee.

Its was really warm so I just wore my black midi dress and my born to lose jacket which is from the Ragged Priest a couple years ago, still one of my fave jackets I own. I also have born to lose tattooed on my leg haha!

If you have any fun shows coming up I would love to know, I havent got any more gigs lined up for this year and I really want one! I am so jelly of everyone at Download this weekend too!!

Thanks for reading!!

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