Friday, 13 October 2017

The Foo Fighters Arms // + gig

Completely late to the party but this is from many sundays ago when I went to The Foo Fighters Arms. So obsv being Foo Fighters and being so extra they opened their own pub during the week they played at the O2 and I had to go.
I mean it took an hour to queue to get in but it was defo worth it, the walls were just full of Foo Fighters photos and it had tv screen which was just playing their gigs. There was also drinks named after the new album and a few of their songs: Concrete and Gold, The Sky is a Neighbourhood and La Dee Da. It was pricey but its what you would expect.

Upstairs there was some merch which was cool and also this incredible tea set with their faces on, however it was £250, we asked if any had sold and appaz a few had which is hella crazy hah!

The following Tuesday I made my way to the O2 with my friend who managed to get us STANDING TICKETS to see Foo Fighters, thats right standing. We managed to get an awesome spot and they didn't disappoint.

Rick Astley even made an appearance and I was shook hah. It was such an awesome night and I so want to try and get tickets again when they play next summer. Sorry for the extremely late post and hope you enjoyed.

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