Saturday, 26 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Five

The High Line - this was our last day in New York so we decided to walk The High Line which is an elevated path of a disused railway track. It was really green and pretty but was still overlooked by the high buildings of the city which was cool. Throughout the walk there were art installations and little ice cream carts which was super cute!

Obviously was representing Pink Bones on the walk!
Till Death Do Us Part tee

We then ventured off to The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is full of many beautiful fine art collections. We obviously found the rooftop bar which had some interesting sculptures on and a stunning view of central park and the skyline. It was beaut!!

This was basically a day for views, we went up the Rockefeller centre look out point which is called Top of the Rock. It was so nice being above the busy streets of New York and overlooking the city, I could even spy the Statue of Liberty! After this we went out for dinner and straight to bed. I am really glad we did the most touristy things possible whilst in New York, I would defo come back but stay in Brooklyn and find the more secret places. They were an amazing 4 days spent there but now I am ready to lie down for a week in Cape Cod (Jaws was filmed here) and find some shark merch.

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