Saturday, 26 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Five

The High Line - this was our last day in New York so we decided to walk The High Line which is an elevated path of a disused railway track. It was really green and pretty but was still overlooked by the high buildings of the city which was cool. Throughout the walk there were art installations and little ice cream carts which was super cute!

Obviously was representing Pink Bones on the walk!
Till Death Do Us Part tee

We then ventured off to The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is full of many beautiful fine art collections. We obviously found the rooftop bar which had some interesting sculptures on and a stunning view of central park and the skyline. It was beaut!!

This was basically a day for views, we went up the Rockefeller centre look out point which is called Top of the Rock. It was so nice being above the busy streets of New York and overlooking the city, I could even spy the Statue of Liberty! After this we went out for dinner and straight to bed. I am really glad we did the most touristy things possible whilst in New York, I would defo come back but stay in Brooklyn and find the more secret places. They were an amazing 4 days spent there but now I am ready to lie down for a week in Cape Cod (Jaws was filmed here) and find some shark merch.

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Friday, 25 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Four

We went off early to catch the bus to head to the uptown tour. The tour was mainly around central park and also took us to Harlem.
The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine which is above was really interested- This cathedral is actually not finished, there is only one bell tower which is crazy. It has been around since the late 1800's and its construction and restoration is still an ongoing process. I loved it because it looks so gothic which is why I wanted to take snaps of it. During the ride through Harlem we passed the famous Apollo venue, as it is Wednesday it is amateur night. Amateur night isn’t for the faint hearted, you have to be good otherwise not only are you booed by the crowd you also get taken off stage by the executioner!!

We could not come to New York and not go to Grand Central Terminal, it was beautiful inside and was very grand thats for sure. We also rode the subway a couple times which was rad. However I prefer the London tubes as I could not get my head around the Subway hah.

After that we stopped for some lunch and headed back up to central park where we found this cute Alice in wonderland statue, we then rented a little boat and rowed in the lake. It was so lovely and chill compared to us rushing through the streets and dodging the passing people.

We then ran home to get on the final bus to have the nighttime tour, which takes us into Brooklyn. We went over the Manhattan bridge which had amazing views of the skyline and Brooklyn bridge, it was pretty much perfect. We found a cute little bar afterwards on 8th avenue to have some food before going quickly to bed after the super busy day.

Again I was so so tired that as soon as we got back to the hotel I was asleep in no time!!

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Three

Day three we bought tickets for the Big Bus which is a bus you can hop on and hop off at your chosen destination which was really cool, we sort of made a plan of where to go and began our journey. The tour guide was really nice and saw my tattoos and told us that there is a tattoo shop in New York which is where the tattoo machine was invented, the idea was taken from Thomas Edisons electric pen. Samuel O'Reilly patented the first tattoo machine in 1891, imagine being that guy! As you are probably all aware I love tattoos hah.

Adorable little cupcakes from Baked By Melissa, I got the OG selection pack which featured flavours like red velvet, oreo, chocolate and vanilla to a tie dye cupcake.

We visited Lombardis which is in Little Italy, it was recommended by our tour guide - they were delicious. This place opened in 1905 and was the first pizzaria in the United States! 

We went to what used to be the famous music Venue CBGB which was awesome. Considering I have been to so many music venues around England it was pretty cool to be in the birth place of Punk Rock, according to my dad the Ramones played their first gig there back in 1974! It has housed bands ranging from AC/DC to Green Day (which happen to be some of my faves).

We also visited the memorial site where the awful 9/11 terrorist attack was. The memorial site is actually really lovely and features two tranquil fountains. I thought the site would be very sad, which is was don't get me wrong but I actually found it very peaceful. It was more of a remembrance to those who unfortunately died and those who showed so much bravery and heroism. It was a really eye opening and emotional experience.

After exploring Soho, Little Italy, Ground Zero and going to the famous CBGB site we hopped back onto the bus which took us to where we could get a ferry around the Statue of Liberty which was so surreal as I have only really seen it in films and tv shows.

Its safe to say after today I was so so so tired, we had dinner fairly late but then when straight to bed.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Two

Obvs representing Pink Bones with a new tee thats dropping soon!

Day two we had some breakfast in the hotel and then were off to explore Central Park, it is really amazing that in the middle of all the hustle and bustle there is a fairly peaceful and very green park. It felt like I was no longer in New York and forgot that what surrounds us is a huge city full of people and buildings.

View of the San Reno Apartment buildings from Central park 

Famous Dakota Building Where John Lennon Lived

A casual funfair with New York overlooking in Central Park

After exploring Central Park for abit we went on a hunt to get some lunch as at this point we were starving and needed to look at the map to work out where to go next and try and get our bearings. I opted for a mac and cheese with a side of pickles which was amazing. We were at this point waiting to hear if we got School of Rock tickets to watch that evening on Broadway!

 We did end up getting the tickets and the show was amazing, all the kids played their own instruments which was incredible, their talent was ridiculous. After watching the show I now really want to watch the movie again as its one of my all time favourites.

For day three I think we are getting on one of the hop on hop off site seeing busses so we can explore more and I believe we get a boat ride around the Statue of Liberty which will be rad.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

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