Saturday, 6 May 2017

Jacket Series // Day to Night //

PERFECT Yellow Jacket - New Look

This is the next jacket in the series and when I saw it in New Look I instantly fell in love, I had some vouchers from work so it only cost me around £5 which was perfect. Its now something I cant go out without!! This is how I would wear it casual and then dressed up. The gingham dress is from Missguided here and I think goes perfectly with the Jacket, its a such an amazing combination.

In the casual outfit, the tee is actually one of my own designs, I have printed a couple other prototypes and I cant wait to show you guys. I love them so much!!

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  1. The jacket looks amazing with the gingham dress!! And the t-shirt is awesome too I was hunting for a link to it and then saw that you designed it! Let me know if you ever plan on selling them :) xx

    1. Thank you so much!! Im just in the middle of setting up the store, I will defo post a link when its ready :)) xxx


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