Sunday, 14 May 2017

Zoe London's Festival Tag //

 I love festivals so thought it was fitting to do the tag Zoe London made here

Fan girled so hard when i met Zoe at Slam Dunk last year haha!

What was the last festival you went to?
Download 2016, was an absolutely amazing weekend, i actually made a round up video here if you want to check it out. The weather was amazing for the first two days and then friday rolled around and the heavens opened up. It didn't put a downer on the festival because I was so hyped for the bands to start. Highlights were defo the headliners Rammstein, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath and also Baby Metal, Neck Deep, Milk Teeth, and of course Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes were amazing.

Download 2016
What was the first festival you went to?
This was Reading Festival 2009 as a nervous 18 year old, however I remember having the best weekend there. So much live music all day and night is exactly what i wanted. 

Baby faced Ashleigh // Reading 2009 
Have you ever travelled abroad for a festival?
No I haven't but I would love to go to the Warped Tour in america, that would be so rad.

Download 2015 // A Day To Remember
Best headline act you've ever seen?
This is such a hard question but I would have to say Rammstein because of how theatrical their set is and all of the cool pyrotechnics and Iron Maiden are up there, they are still so energetic and their shows are just incredible. I would also add in Paramore, I saw them at reading 2014, their sound cut out but Hayley still sang without any of the music and it was literal magic hah. I am pretty sure I shed a tear.

Reading 2014
What festival would you love to go to?
It would have to be Warped Tour in America, its like pop punk heaven and also has so many more amazing bands! Plus is warm, so there wouldn't be the need to carry an anorak all the time hah.

Reading 2014
What is the next festival you're going to?
I am going to Slam Dunk south and CAN'T WAIT!! I am so excited to see Enter Shikari, they are doing a 'Take To The Skies' 10 year celebration, I cant wait to see what they have in store for us! 

Slam Dunk 2016 
Do you camp or are you a hotel kinda person?
So far I have camped, but I find it quite liberating haha, you just get up in the morning and sit in your deck chair/ the ground and maybe crack open a nice warm cider haha. Now I am older the idea of a camper van sounds way more appealing though.

Reading 2014
Share your ultimate festival lineup!
This is so hard again, it would be me listing all my fave bands. Paramore would be in the mix for sure then throw some Architects in, Limp Bizkit, The Front Bottoms, Neck Deep, Gnarwolves and probably who ever is on this Spotify playlist here.

Throw back to some of the festivals I've been to

 Download 2013

Sonisphere Festival 2011

Download 2015

Sonisphere 2014

Hit the Deck 2014 // The Front Bottoms

Hit the Deck 2014 


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Jacket Series // Day to Night //

PERFECT Yellow Jacket - New Look

This is the next jacket in the series and when I saw it in New Look I instantly fell in love, I had some vouchers from work so it only cost me around £5 which was perfect. Its now something I cant go out without!! This is how I would wear it casual and then dressed up. The gingham dress is from Missguided here and I think goes perfectly with the Jacket, its a such an amazing combination.

In the casual outfit, the tee is actually one of my own designs, I have printed a couple other prototypes and I cant wait to show you guys. I love them so much!!

Thanks for reading

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