Monday, 27 March 2017

Tips for travelling solo //

I am not one who enjoys flying, all of my irrational fears are always at the front of my mind. When in reality flying is one of the most safest forms of transport. In fact your are more likely to be in a car crash than your airplane going down.

In the last year I have flown to Singapore and back and to Australia and back on my own, my friends know that I am quite an anxious flyer but I overcame the fear on my way back from Australia because I realised that I am safe on an airplane and sat back and tried to relax in my uncomfortable small chair for 7 and then 13 hours hah.

Flying seems super scary but you cant avoid it and miss out on all the amazing countries in the world, heres a few tips to help you enjoy the flight and feel more prepared:

  • Plan what you take on the plane with you, I would recommend a travel pillow for sure and comfortable clothes. Moisturisers come in handy for face and hands because I found my skin got pretty dry and felt kinda gross. 
  • For long haul flights I like to pack toiletries such as the above plus toothpaste, toothbrush, face wipes, lip balm and any medication.
  • Don't forget a good book or maybe some magazines, I usually read these during take off.
  • Also plan ahead, check the films and shows that are available on your flight, I got pretty excited that Arrival and Fantastic Beasts was on my flight to Australia. They tend to be good with movies and especially the latest releases. 
  • One thing I do at the airport once I've checked in is find a bar and have a big glass of wine and read or watch Netflix on my phone, it really helps haha.
  • I also have a few drinks on the plane but its also important to drink water and other soft drinks to keep hydrated, usually on long haul you can call for the air hostess as much as you like and get unlimited drinks haha but obviously not take the mick..... too much.
  • If you need anything ask someone, the staff I've dealt with have always been so friendly and helpful which also helps with reassuring me that i am ok on this flight!
  • WALK AROUND, do not forget to walk up and down the plane or just move your feet in general otherwise you can end up with cankles which nobody wants.
Most importantly you are confident and can get on this flight because you are a strong independent person haha. Thats what i kept reciting to myself and it did work!!

If you made it this far in the post I hope this can help you feel a bit more confident when flying. I know how scary it can be, but trust me its worth it to face your fear and actually enjoy relaxing with unlimited wine, drinks and some great movies haha and of course the amazing holiday on the other end.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

March throw on //

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Jeans- Topshop, Top & Cardigan - H&M, Vans,

I can be very lazy and would rather stay in bed that bit longer than get up early. Sometimes its quite hard looking put together in 5 minutes haha! My staples for March have been alternating the above clothes, a nice textured cardigan, some sort of white tshirt (sometimes a band tee) and some black jeans and of course my well worn Vans. Please excuse the poor poor lighting, I need to find a good spot in my house for good snaps!

Its just so easy to throw this on and look put together and like you have been up for hours but really you woke up 10 minutes ago. I am dreaming of the day when I don't need to put a coat or jacket on over the top, summer needs to hurry up!

Thanks for reading, whats your staples this month?

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