Sunday, 19 February 2017

What I have been up to lately

This is just a few things i have been up to lately!

The most recent is the two rings i made!! I am so pleased with them, they are quite tricky to do but once they are made its such a nice feeling. I have been going to a class once a week which has taught me the basics in working with metal. I really want to carry it on and learn different techniques. I have also been drawing a lot more after work which has been really nice and relaxing, the little skull is just one of my little doodles.

I got one of my drawings printed onto the pink tshirt which is super cute and have been practising my embroidery skills more and sewing my drawings onto some of my old clothes to jazz them up! Its been really fun learning new skills such as the metal work and embroidery, I would really like to print some more of my drawings onto tshirts to test how they will come out.

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