Tuesday, 4 October 2016

OOTD // Ripped Dreams (jeans)

That mirror is so filthy hah!

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Boohoo
Belt - Charity shop
Jeans - Charity shop ( I hacked them good)
Boots - H&M
Bag - Dr Marten
Bracelet - Hrh Collection

Yasss these jeans I love, I have another pair which are exactly the same which I haven't attacked. They are both originally from River Island, one pair is clearly business and the other party, am I right!
I do enjoy autumn/winter because it means fun layering and fluffy textures, I would either put a leather jacket on with this or a duster coat to leave the house and brave the cold in.

So the title of the post is me trying to write 'ripped jeans' but instead wrote 'ripped dreams'??? Not too sure where that came from, however I am currently listening MCR's album The Black Parade so maybe that explains it hah!

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