Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Monochrome Primark Dress

Necklace and Dress - Primark, Dr Martens

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a lovely night last night! This year my friends and I only chose to go to our local pub and this is what I wore. You would never guess this dress was £5 from Primark?? I saw it and snatched it straight up! Its quite long which I don't usually go for but I love the shape and cut, the back is also longer than the front! It was such a comfortable outfit the dress and my Dr Martens. I also love monochrome because I always think it looks quite chic and nice!

I apologise for the extreme creases in the dress, I did iron them out before I left!!

I am now currently on placement for my course, I caved and bought an hour of internet before I go to sleep! 

Hope you are all well :) 



  1. Is that a joke!!! Could be Zara!!! Looking gorgeous xx

  2. ^ what she said! I can't believe that's from Primark and such a great price too. I love that you paired it with DMs. You look great :)

    Aida x


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