Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Iron Maiden Tee and Dungarees

Iron Maiden Tee - Ebay, Dungarees - New Look, Clutch H&M, Boots - River Island, Sandals - Asos

I am going on holiday in 3 weeks and have not really got the money to buy a new summer/holiday wardrobe! Soo I am attempting to use what I already have to put together some outfits, I really like this one because you have the edgy tee and studded clutch combined with the cute striped dungarees!

I cannot stop wearing these sandals, these are my new go to shoes at the minute and luckily its staying warm, which means I can get optimum use!!


  1. you have a really nice style. love your outfits (:


    i am back with a new blog:

  2. Wow really love the look and especially those river island boots <3


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