Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sequinned Skirt

Leather Jacket and Fur Gillet-Charity Shop, Skirt-H&M, Top-Topman, Converse

I saw Lily from LLYMLRS wearing a sequinned skirt (Here) and was basically inspired by it so went and bought one myself!! I love Lily's style it is amazing!!

I love the skirt though, you can wear it casual like I have done or wear a shirt/sheer top with it to jazz the outfit up! Its the perfect skirt for Christmas because I am basically obsessed with anything that glitters or reflects light in anyway! Your basic magpie you could say!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves

Faux Fur Collar-H&m, Denim vest-Primark, Leather Jacket-Charity Shop,, Jeans-Criminal Damage, Creepers-New Look

The jackets with the different sleeves have been a mega trend this A/W, I didn't want to fork out for one so decided to put my denim vest over my leather jacket to give the same effect. I really love the look and it also incorporates layering which is always a great way to make an outfit more interesting. 
I haven't really been wearing my creepers very much because I wore them to death this year, after having a mini break from them I think I am ready to bring them back into my life. They always add edge to an outfit and a grungy look.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lion Manes and Faux Fur

Faux Fur Collar- H&M, Denim Jacket-DIY, Jumper and Shoes-Primark, Cross Necklace-New Look, Skirt Topshop

I now have a lions mane boo yeh! My hair is also ombred as I had the ends of my hair lightened too! I needed a change and knew I could manipulate my hair to do something for me! And this was the outcome!
I bought this faux fur collar from H&M and is one of the best buys for this Christmas, it just dolls up any outfit and adds a bit of edge. I have been chucking it over leather, denim and coats to jazz them up.
It would probably be one of my key pieces for Christmas and I will defo be bringing it back next year, I think they are timeless and will be on trend for future years during the winter months.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Heart Shape Trouser

Shirt-H&M, Trousers- Topshop, Earrings and Shoes-Primark

I wore this out to dinner with a couple of my friends, I feel like its a space aged fun outfit! The shirt just reminds me of a space man's suit for some reason, I can't really explain why! I absolutely love these trousers, if you are ever having a dull day wack these on and everything will be better!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Glam Rocker?

Earrings-Primark, Studded Denim Jacket-DIY, Top-Topshop, Leather Look Leggings-River Island, Boots- New Look

This is what I wore to see Steel Panther and my take on a wearable Glam Rocker look haha!
Sorry I have been so MIA, firstly eblogger says I have used up my 1GB of photo storage which meant I had to go back and delete some posts! How can I get round this or use another uploader for eblogger does anyone know?
And secondly I have been busy with work and because of my working hours it makes it difficult to take decent photos in the day, and partly because I still have no camera so am still using the old Iphone!!

Really sorry and I will try and upload more regularly if stupid eblogger gives me more picture space!


Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of December woooo!

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