Saturday, 17 November 2012

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

 Leather Jacket-Charity shop,, Skirt, Fur and Shoes-Primark

I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and where this pencil skirt but in an every day casual way! I think I have achieved what I set out for. I just wore this to meet some friends for cake and soup! By pairing it with a slouchy jumper and leather jacket it defo brings the formal tone down!
Unfortunately I don't work in an office otherwise this pencil skirt would be perfect because compared to a jersey midi or pencil skirt its quite formal.

This week has been mega busy for some reason, on Thursday I headed down to the Hammersmith Apollo to watch Steel Panther who were AMAZING! If you do not know them their image can be described as glam rockers, which meant a lot of leggings, denim vests and bandana's in the crowd! So naturally I decided to let my inner glam rocker show through which I will share in an outfit post when the items are in fact clean. I had to throw them straight in the wash due to vast amounts of beer and sweat on them! I am pretty certain I got a whole cups worth of beer to hair and face when they first came on! I am assuming the person was just far to excited to hold it! I can't blame them, I think I would have done the same!
And I have now booked Download Festival off from work, now to just save up and buy a ticket haaah! Easier said then done!!

Steel Panther- Death To All But Metal



  1. Really love this skirt, obssessed with midi bodycon skirts or dresses, I definetly need to find this one :) You look lovely!

  2. omg i absolutely love this look! the skirt is lovely! great post, i have a new post up about an edtorial i styled, would love your opinion!! xx


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