Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spikes and Ducks

Shirt-Topshop, Duck Necklace- Miss Selfridge, Spiked Necklace-New Look, Jeans-H&M, Flatforms-River Island

I love the ducks and spikes together because its a combination which shouldn't really work but it defo does! This shirt is so warm and comfortable, I am in love with it. Its so easy to wear and I love the leopard print in the shoes clashing with the shirts print!
Sorry about the quality of photos, my camera charger broke and I cant afford a new one till I have been paid so my Iphone will have to do for now booo.
Im so excited for the end of October because a couple of friends and I are going to see Bowling for Soup, I am literally so excited!!

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  1. Love the shirt, it does look snug :) and the necklaces paired together look really cool. xx

  2. Think this might be my fave outfit post off yours so far! Love the shirt! And I'm a spike addict! Xx

  3. Love your shoes, and cute duck necklace! x

  4. aw that duck necklace is so cute!! x

  5. The duck necklace is so cute!! xx

  6. totally in love with this outfit :)

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

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