Sunday, 21 October 2012

Leopard Print and Sparkly Socks

Dress and Necklace-New Look, Tights and Socks-Primark, Creepers-Ebay

I love the busyness of the collar and necklace together and the clashing polka dot tights! I am definitely a fan of mixing patterns and textures!
The sparkly socks are so cute and I love them because they are a little bit different to the normal patterned socks or frilly socks, a nice sock for the Autumn and Winter time! 
I think peter pan collars are the perfect statement alone they are the centre piece and you can add jewellery or throw a jumper over the top and have the collar poking out to make it even more noticeable.



  1. Love the tights, and the leopard print collar is very cute! xx

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