Friday, 14 September 2012

Socks and Sandals Appropriate Weather

Denim Jacket-DIY and Charity Shop, Shirt and Sandals-Charity Shop, Skirt-Ebay

This jacket never fails to make any outfit look a little more edgy, I feel that the summer to autumn weather is the perfect place for socks and sandals, it doesn't have to just be elderly men anymore! Some people may give some very dodgy looks, but I love the look. It makes wearing sandals that little bit more warmer and looks quirky!Platform and wedges are the best for this look I think. These were £8 from my local charity shop which makes them an absolute bargain! I love the cork wedge and the suede look straps and knot at the front. 
How do you feel about socks and sandals? I have seen other bloggers rocking this look and had to try it out for myself!


  1. I love socks and sandals, these are gorgeous, you do seem to find fab things in charity shops!! xx

  2. You're so adorable, looking gorgeous as always and i love the jacket x

  3. I love that this looks so great despite being so simple xx


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