Saturday, 1 September 2012

Same Old Dress But With a Hat.

Hat, Dress and Necklace-Topshop, Boots-New Look

I am loving this dress, its so perfect for the summer to autumn transition, I think adding my hat makes the outfit. I love this hat, I found it in a charity shop for maybe £5-£7  I cant really remember! I think I will be wearing it through autumn before it gets too cold and the woolly hats have to come out.



  1. Love the hat, it's so cool.
    Claudia xxx

  2. what a great find, I love the hat! And the baggy tee is perfect for autumn :) xx

  3. I was so close to buying this dress from Topshop and now I think I will seeing as it looks that good on! Love the hat; what a bargain considering if you went into Topshop or Zara it'd be £30!

  4. ah you look so cute! the dress & hat are perrrfect together :) x


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