Thursday, 30 August 2012

Studs Denim and Autumn Flowers

Denim Jacket-Charity shop, Necklace and Boots-New Look, Dress-Ebay originally Topshop

I bought this denim jacket last year in a charity shop and have only worn it a handful of times! I had some leftover studs which I put on to give it new life one would say, now I am obsessed with it. 
However I wish I had done this earlier in the summer because now as I am very cold blooded I can feel the autumn chill sneaking in. 
A denim jacket is such a versatile piece of clothing as it can be thrown over mostly anything, and the studs just give it that extra edge!
I have attempted a new way of spicing up my photographs, what do you think? 


  1. this is what i've been doing to all of my denim, i love studs! yours looks good :)

  2. love what you've done to the jacket, I think mine could benefit from a few studs too! x


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