Saturday, 4 August 2012

Florals and Spiked Loafers

Necklace-Great Grandmas's, Tshirt-Brothers, Jeans-Primark, Shoes-Daisy Street

I am really really excited because I volunteered/applied to be a window dresser in my local Oxfam! I start on Friday and cannot wait!! My friend originally told me about the sign on the window of the charity shop and the next morning I went straight down there to apply!!
Not only is it to promote the charity and try and bring more customers in but its amazing experience for me to be able to dress my own window in an actual shop!! 
This is what I wore to meet the manager  yesterday, I wanted to keep it simple which is why I went for some floral jeans and a plain tshirt (which I stole off my brother), then added my amazing spiked loafers from Daisy Street and BAM I was ready!

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  1. Love the floral jeans, and those loafers are amazing! Congrats on the window dressing thing, sounds like it'll be lots of fun :) xx

  2. your so cute, lovely shoesies xx

  3. This outfit is great, love the loafers. What an exciting opportunity! I worked at a Cancer Research shop when I was doing my A levels and I loved the rare occasions I got to chose the outfits in the windows.

    Alice x


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