Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holiday and Graduation

Sorry I have been so unreliable with the blog posts, I have been on holiday to Gran Canaria and had my Graduation woo!!
I am now officially an adult as I have no more education and need to get my self in gear and start to some how crack the fashion industry! If any of you have advice I would be so grateful!!!

Here are some snaps of everything!
I promise I will blog more reguarly!!

Top-H&M, Shorts and Necklace-Topshop, Sandals-Primark
Sea Lion named Bruno, loved him so much!!!
Bikini Top and Bottoms-New Look
Jaws tshirt-Primark, Necklace-Topshop


Dress-Topshop, Shoes-Kurt Keiger
Absolute Bargain, originally £130 and I got them for £35!!

Not sure if my dress was completely appropriate for a graduation as there are hearts on each boob but I love it, I felt quite like katy Perry haha! I had such a good holiday and Graduation but now its back to reality!!!


  1. I love everything here!Congratulation for your graduation dear (:
    xx from Italy

  2. gorgeous outfit!!

  3. Looks like your holiday was so lovely! I love your Jaws tee. And congrats on graduating, good luck with everything! Your graduation dress was gorgeous xxx

  4. Gongratulation ! I love this top h&m




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