Friday, 20 April 2012

Unicorn Ears

Earrings-Topshop, Vest- New Look, Jeans-River Island, Creepers-Ebay

Worst photo ever, it doesn't give the earrings justice!!

I bought loads of Topshop jewellery in the sale the other day (the best time to buy it because its uber over priced) and bought these cute unicorn earrings, they sort of look like its tried to jump through your ear but then got stuck haha! My Easter holidays are almost officially finished waaa, I have to go back to uni on Monday which I am not looking forward too! I have 3 assignments and 2 exams to look forward too. Not Cool!!!

But it is Friday wooo! Hope everyone has a good weekend :)


  1. your legs your legs <3 neeeed that cat earring!!!!!

  2. you have the longest legs ever! love your big knit sweater!


  3. defiantly agree, you have an amazing pair of legs! And the earring looks so cool haha


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