Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Leather jacket + Cardigan-Charity shop, Tshirt-H&M, Jeans-Primark

Big problem I have no money and an addiction to shopping...Not good!! I have decided to root through the clothes I have to put together outfits with clothes which I haven't seen in a while!
I found these jeans in my house, which I bought from Primark a couple years ago, they are perfect for S/S12 floral trend. I recently bought this top from H&M before I knew of my lack of funds! The cardigan I bought from a charity shop a couple years ago, the leather jacket is also from a charity shops and of course my trusty Missguided studded slipper shoes.

Hope everyone has had a good week so far!


  1. i've got the same problem as you i'm a shopaholic with a dwindling bank account, not a good combination! x

  2. Definetly going to be looking out for this top in H+M, I have been more into wearing black and a more grunge look so this top looks perfect to feed that addiction (:

  3. this outfit is perfection, i need that top and those jeans are super cool!



  4. this is a great outfit :) xoxo

  5. Nice outfit!


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