Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow and Sunglasses

Imoan  being papped!
Pasties :D
Skirt-Topshop, Belt-Topshop, Shoes-Underground,Sunglasses-Asos, Ear cuff-Topshop, Coat- Topshop

Skirt-Topshop, Jumper-H&M, Shoes-Underground, Knitted Turban-Topshop
Today has been a fail, I was meant to be going into town with my boyfriend to pick up a laptop case/browse the shops! However as soon I was dressed and ready it started snowing and now everything has a layer of snow on it! We did manage to make it down the road to get some food for this evening from the Co-op!
The first lot of photos are from yesterday when my house mate Imoan (Naomi backwards) and I went on our weekly shopping trip to town, always vowing we won't spend money, however we always do! I wanted to road test my new sunnies which I LOVE! I was a bit concerned that they don't suit my face shape, but I like them which is all that matters I guess! 
I was browsing yesterday and I am loving their Flatforms! I think they are perfect for the summer. Click here to check them out! I love the polka dot and flowery ones!!

I hope you are all having a good weekend :) 



  1. i've been eying up asos' vera flatforms for a few days now, but i'm skint at the moment! x

  2. You look gorgeous, I LOVE you're ear cuff too, xx

  3. I love both outfits, they're gorgeous! I love the shape of the skirt. xx


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