Monday, 16 January 2012


I was just experimenting ways to wear my new grey shirt (which reminds me of a spaceman's suit, not sure why). The skull t-shirt underneath is from urban outfitters and was £14 in the sale, originally it was £28! Of course I have put on my creepers :D The last outfit with the polka dotted shirt is what I'm thinking of wearing to uni tomorrow! I wasn't quite sure if it all went together but now I'm loving the mix match in patterns!!

Last week as I was looking through blogs, on Lindsay's  blog  she had written about some shoes she had bought in the office sale which were originally £90 and in the sale they were £20! As soon I saw them I fell in love haaaa and I bought them straight away! Here they are:

I love how fierce they look because of the leather and studs and thick heel! The heel also looks like a clog which I thought was a cute feature to the shoes! I cant wait to wear them now, they are extremely comfy to wear round the house as I was showing them to my house mates!!


  1. That urban outfitters tee is so cool lovely! x

  2. Great outfits, and I love the new boots, may have to search for a pair myself xxx

  3. I seriously love everything you've posted here! x

  4. your outfit looks great!

  5. Absolutely love those boots!xx


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