Saturday, 14 January 2012


Yesterday I may have purchased an AMAZING pair of underground creepers which I originally saw a girl on the tubes wearing but couldn't find them anywhere UNTIL YESTERDAY! As I was browsing urban outfitters my beady eyes spotted them and ran up to them and sheer happiness rushed over me, but then I saw the size and my smile dropped slightly. They are a size 7 and I am a 6!!! They look a bit big and chunky on my feet but I am thinking with a couple insoles inside them they may fit perfectly?
I really don't want to let them go because originally they were £120 and Urban Outfitters was selling them for £40! My feet slip out of them slightly but with thick socks they fit alright!

Have you ever been so desperate for something and bought the wrong size? I am really hoping I wont have to return these beauties! They seem to be sold out everywhere, which is why I am thinking of keeping them because £40 for some Underground shoes is a good price I think!

I love them so much!! I also bought a couple more things yesterday from the sales which I will post soon. Thanks student finance for fuelling my shopping addiction!


  1. ahhhh I miss student loans xxx

  2. oh so so cute. definitely keep them it's worth piling on the socks I reckon haha ;) x


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