Monday, 30 January 2012

Yellow Skull

Cardigan-H&M, Denim Shirt-Primark, Leather leggings-River Island, Shoes-Urban Outfitters

Pretty boring outfit but I did make my necklace! well I say make, I mean pulled it apart and added a different skull! Originally it had a skull, bird and red heart on it, but I decided I would never wear it so I took off the heart and bird and skull and added a different skull! I think it looks better now, less tacky maybe!

I worked for the whole day at uni today (something I do not do often) now I am feeling very good about myself!!

Sorry about the bad quality photos and the lack of creativity! I will try when I have handed in my assignments! I always feel awkward asking my house mates to take a picture haha !!

I also bought another denim shirt from eBay today for a diy which will hopefully happen next week! I'm really excited to do it!! I now own 3 denim shirts all from primark!

Have a good week guys :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love Love Love Fearne Cotton

Ever since clothing and shopping became a passion I have always remembered always loving everything Fearne Cotton wears! She is probably my fashion idol, just because she is so quirky!! I also love her tattoos and always listen to Fearne's show on Radio 1 when I am doing uni work!! She is defo a fashion inspiration!!


Monday, 23 January 2012

Asos Order

Just ordered these bad boys!! Cant wait to get them :) I'm always excited to get post, and uber excited when its fun post such as internet shopping orders!!
They are £12 which I feel is quite expensive for sunglasses but I love the tortoise shell frames and I don't think  I have ever had round sunglasses! I just hope they suit me!!

Please vote for me :) Company Casting Call with River Island

I wore my creepers clubbing, I think my house mates are finally getting their heads around them! At first they hated them but now I think they have accepted them!!
Sheer Shirt: Primark, Bow Tie: Primark, Skirt: New Look, Knee High Socks: Primark, Creeper Boots: Underground


I have entered the River Island Style insider /Company Casting call!!

It would mean so much to me if you could click on the link below and like my photo/profile!! And of course any of the other girls that have entered.

It would be amazing to get into the final!! I love company magazine and to have a chance to be in it would be an amazing experience!!

Friday, 20 January 2012


I have been eyeing up the knitted turban in Topshop but didn't want to pay £10 for it, when I saw it in the sale for £3 I snapped it up and my house mate bought one too! I love it and wore it tonight as we went for a meal at Pizza Express (after finding vouchers for money off). I haven't done anything today except cut up some of my old tops to make them into crop tops or vests, I wore one of them tonight which did have a bat wing sleeve but didn't like it and cut them off, and chopped the bottom off.
This is what it looked like before:
And after:

 This is my house mate Becky who wanted to feature as well :) 



What I wore clubbing with my house mates and friends.
The reason this post is called mix match is partly because of the patterns which have gone together very well and the fact that I fake tanned my legs and the colour defiantly doesn't match the rest of my body, but it doesn't look too bad!! I'm sporting my new boots from office, the skirt is from Primark, the shirt/vest is from a charity shop and the belt is from the Topshop sale! I was concerned that someone would spill a drink on me and all the instant tan would just run off, but I was lucky and It was still on my legs with no streaks by the end of the night!!

Monday, 16 January 2012


I was just experimenting ways to wear my new grey shirt (which reminds me of a spaceman's suit, not sure why). The skull t-shirt underneath is from urban outfitters and was £14 in the sale, originally it was £28! Of course I have put on my creepers :D The last outfit with the polka dotted shirt is what I'm thinking of wearing to uni tomorrow! I wasn't quite sure if it all went together but now I'm loving the mix match in patterns!!

Last week as I was looking through blogs, on Lindsay's  blog  she had written about some shoes she had bought in the office sale which were originally £90 and in the sale they were £20! As soon I saw them I fell in love haaaa and I bought them straight away! Here they are:

I love how fierce they look because of the leather and studs and thick heel! The heel also looks like a clog which I thought was a cute feature to the shoes! I cant wait to wear them now, they are extremely comfy to wear round the house as I was showing them to my house mates!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Here are a few pictures of my creepers on, what do you think? Do they look overly big on my feet or can I get away with having a size bigger?

The shirt I am wearing is from the H&M sale and was only £5!!! It used to be £14.99. However it is a size 18 but I loved the colour and material so I thought I should get it.



Yesterday I may have purchased an AMAZING pair of underground creepers which I originally saw a girl on the tubes wearing but couldn't find them anywhere UNTIL YESTERDAY! As I was browsing urban outfitters my beady eyes spotted them and ran up to them and sheer happiness rushed over me, but then I saw the size and my smile dropped slightly. They are a size 7 and I am a 6!!! They look a bit big and chunky on my feet but I am thinking with a couple insoles inside them they may fit perfectly?
I really don't want to let them go because originally they were £120 and Urban Outfitters was selling them for £40! My feet slip out of them slightly but with thick socks they fit alright!

Have you ever been so desperate for something and bought the wrong size? I am really hoping I wont have to return these beauties! They seem to be sold out everywhere, which is why I am thinking of keeping them because £40 for some Underground shoes is a good price I think!

I love them so much!! I also bought a couple more things yesterday from the sales which I will post soon. Thanks student finance for fuelling my shopping addiction!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Award! :D

I've seen this award going around the blogs I am following, I am so happy someone has awarded it to me! Thank you so much Lydia  !! I would just like to say thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read and look at my blog! 

There’s some rules for the award:
1. You must thank the person who awarded you the award including a shout-out with a link on your blog.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you like to read and let them know about it

1. I play guitar but not very well
2. last summer I decided that I dont want a career to do with my degree but would absolutely love the chance to work in the fashion world. My degree is Diet and Health, cannot get much further away from fashion!
3. I love anime films and programs.
4. I cant stop shopping and use internet shopping as a replacement for doing my uni work. 
5. I have stalked harry from mcfly around sainsburys.
6. I would love to be a member of One Direction, however I can't sing and am not a guy.
7. I really enjoy documentaries.

I'm passing this award onto:

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Check them all out!!


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bow Ties Back

The fam and I went out for a walk this afternoon, I took my camera with me to take a couple snaps of what I was wearing with the help from brother bear!
I really wanted to wear my 'bow tie' again because I think it just jazz's the outfit up!

(Awkward smile, was trying not to laugh)


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bow Tie

Yesterday it was my boyfriends 21st, we went for a pub crawl with some of our friends. It was a good evening and nice to see everyone before we all go back to uni!
I really wanted to wear my new 'bow tie' from Primark which is really a leopard print bow hair clip.
The pictures aren't very good because they were taken from my blackberry as my camera decided to run out of battery and I couldn't find the charger.

The bow tie didn't cost that much, it must have been around £2. The shirt I have on is from New Look in the sales which was £7 and I just put my h&m knitted jumper over for warmth, then I just had my leather leggings on and shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Bright orange and stars and stripes

I bought the shorts from Topshop which cost £30 with my student discount, the orange knitted jumper is from primark and cost me £12 and the belt is also Topshop which was in the sale for £8.
The earrings I have been eyeing up for ages but didn't want to pay £7 for them and today I found them in the sale for just £2.50. I was sooo pleased.
I also bought some more of Renbows crazy hair colors to dip dye my hair again, I have decided this time to have purple rather than pink.

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