Friday, 16 December 2011

Skulls and Collars

This week has been busy partly because I had an assignment in and other uni work, and partly because it was the last week of term before Christmas wooo!!

So Monday night my house mates and I went out for dinner and then to a local club to celebrate last week of term and Christmas and all that jazz! We decided to go to Vodka Revs for dinner BIG MISTAKE! There was another shindig upstairs with 100 people, which meant our choice from the menu was very limited and also it took them an hour to get 5 pizzas out to us! But whilst we waited we enjoyed half price cocktails.

I wore a New Look dress which I bought in first year which is black with a lace top and sleeves, I recently bought a really cute beaded collar from Topshop which I put on to jazz the dress up and make it look a little bit different. I also wore my new boots which are from New Look and were £17.99 with student discount!! I love them, however wearing them out means they are now dirty which you will see in the photos!! Thursday night I went out again and wore a dress I bought from a charity shop in the summer which cost me £12 I think! I wore this with my secret Santa prezzie which was a skull necklace from which I LOVE!

Overall it was a good week and I am glad to be home for Christmas

Here are a few pictures from this week:

Very scuffed boots :( 
Topshop necklace £14
My secret Santa present from my house mate!! From
My hair is covering the Topshop collar!
Pepper Moustache?
My house mates and I
Charity shop dress, I think its originally from 

Blinged shoes!
My mothers creation!
These shoes were originally a light purple colour with a diamant√© slab across the front! She has now transformed them into some really up to date heels and very on trend for this Christmas! She dyed them black and hot gunned little black rhinestone crystals onto the heel!! They now look like this:

My lovely mum looking very glamorous!

Thanks :) 



  1. beautiful photos!:)

  2. Love the necklace!! And both dresses you were wearing!! Cute shoes also!! funny mustache :)

  3. I love that skull necklace you got. And you and your mom both look very chic!



  4. You look gorgeous in that tight black, lace dress!

  5. wooow
    Lovely first necklace <33


  6. I love your blog! I followed! Please check out mine and follow me? Thanks so much! !


  7. Love all your going out outfits, really nice! Lovely blog, I am now following! xx

  8. Love your aztec cardigan!Hope you had a nice Christmas:)

  9. Hahaha oh my god, I'm the exact same I'm sitting with my revision stuff out but every time someone leaves a comment I'm like OOOH and then go read their blog instead...oops. love these necklaces, so into collars right now!

  10. Love your mums hair also! Great post:)

  11. love the skull necklace! also, i'm very jealous of your figure x


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