Friday, 2 December 2011

Crosses and lace

My house mates and I decided last night we would go to a club in town.  I was very pleased because it meant I could wear my new cross earrings, which I got in the post yesterday. I couldn't decide what to wear so I borrowed my house mates mint green lace dress which is a beaut! She got it in the New Look sale last year!!

These are my new earrings:

£6 from bargain I would say.Although I have just had a look on the website and they only have the silver ones!

I actually went out wearing two different lipsticks on each lip last night, it sounds stupid I know! But my house mates and I agreed that it didn't actually look that bad! The two lipsticks I wore were Topshops Inhibition and BarryM in 146. You cant really see them very well, I really wish I got a better picture.

Last night:

More crosses

This is a photo I took the other day with me wearing my other cross earrings which are from Topman! I think I have a slight obsession. These ones are just small black studs, they are more subtle than the ones from Asos.



  1. I like ur earing and outfit :)

    btw it would mean a lot if u checked out my blog and I follow back

  2. Loving your earrings xo

  3. I love your blue lace dress and your tights!! I also just ordered the cross earrings from asos as well. But it'll be a while before I get them as I live in Canada :(



  4. I love your blog! Your so pretty, and have really interesting beautiful outfits! Your hair is gorgeous! And you earnings and tights where rocking!
    Please follow me if you have time, i'm also following you, i'll be back for more posts! :D xx

    Hennah -

  5. You look AMAZING!! that dress suits you soo well, your tights are sooo cute, and your incredibly pretty!! Now following :) xx

  6. Awww you look lovely, that dress does suit youuu so muchh.. Well teamed with the jacket :) xxx


  7. aahh you look awesome in love with those tights :D xx

  8. I love the tights and cross earrings :) you dress very well, I am glad I came across your blog :) it is lovely xx

  9. Those tights are amazing! Where are they from?? x

  10. I originally got them for free from work experience but they are from an online tights company called MyTights: Hope that helps!x


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