Monday, 21 November 2011


I have seen Brothel Creepers a lot in high street shops, fashion blogs and fashion vloggers on youtube.

Celebrities have also been seen wearing them such as Jessie J and Rihanna:

H&M did have brothel creepers however I cant find them in the stores any more which is very upsetting!!!
I have found some others from River Island and Topshop, but they are slightly out of my price range which means saving up for them!

These are the Brothel Creepers from Topshop :

River Island:

In the coming weeks I will definitely be purchasing one of these pairs of shoes, it will most likely be the River Island Creeper Brogues because they are the cheapest! I do really love the Topshop MASAI Tassle Brothel Creepers because they are a different take on Brothel Creepers and the tassles on them looks really cute!!



  1. ahhh I love creepers :), nice blog lady xxx

  2. Thanks :) Same, I really want a proper pair but I will have to save up!!xx


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