Friday, 16 December 2011

Skulls and Collars

This week has been busy partly because I had an assignment in and other uni work, and partly because it was the last week of term before Christmas wooo!!

So Monday night my house mates and I went out for dinner and then to a local club to celebrate last week of term and Christmas and all that jazz! We decided to go to Vodka Revs for dinner BIG MISTAKE! There was another shindig upstairs with 100 people, which meant our choice from the menu was very limited and also it took them an hour to get 5 pizzas out to us! But whilst we waited we enjoyed half price cocktails.

I wore a New Look dress which I bought in first year which is black with a lace top and sleeves, I recently bought a really cute beaded collar from Topshop which I put on to jazz the dress up and make it look a little bit different. I also wore my new boots which are from New Look and were £17.99 with student discount!! I love them, however wearing them out means they are now dirty which you will see in the photos!! Thursday night I went out again and wore a dress I bought from a charity shop in the summer which cost me £12 I think! I wore this with my secret Santa prezzie which was a skull necklace from which I LOVE!

Overall it was a good week and I am glad to be home for Christmas

Here are a few pictures from this week:

Very scuffed boots :( 
Topshop necklace £14
My secret Santa present from my house mate!! From
My hair is covering the Topshop collar!
Pepper Moustache?
My house mates and I
Charity shop dress, I think its originally from 

Blinged shoes!
My mothers creation!
These shoes were originally a light purple colour with a diamant√© slab across the front! She has now transformed them into some really up to date heels and very on trend for this Christmas! She dyed them black and hot gunned little black rhinestone crystals onto the heel!! They now look like this:

My lovely mum looking very glamorous!

Thanks :) 


Friday, 2 December 2011

Crosses and lace

My house mates and I decided last night we would go to a club in town.  I was very pleased because it meant I could wear my new cross earrings, which I got in the post yesterday. I couldn't decide what to wear so I borrowed my house mates mint green lace dress which is a beaut! She got it in the New Look sale last year!!

These are my new earrings:

£6 from bargain I would say.Although I have just had a look on the website and they only have the silver ones!

I actually went out wearing two different lipsticks on each lip last night, it sounds stupid I know! But my house mates and I agreed that it didn't actually look that bad! The two lipsticks I wore were Topshops Inhibition and BarryM in 146. You cant really see them very well, I really wish I got a better picture.

Last night:

More crosses

This is a photo I took the other day with me wearing my other cross earrings which are from Topman! I think I have a slight obsession. These ones are just small black studs, they are more subtle than the ones from Asos.


Monday, 21 November 2011


I have seen Brothel Creepers a lot in high street shops, fashion blogs and fashion vloggers on youtube.

Celebrities have also been seen wearing them such as Jessie J and Rihanna:

H&M did have brothel creepers however I cant find them in the stores any more which is very upsetting!!!
I have found some others from River Island and Topshop, but they are slightly out of my price range which means saving up for them!

These are the Brothel Creepers from Topshop :

River Island:

In the coming weeks I will definitely be purchasing one of these pairs of shoes, it will most likely be the River Island Creeper Brogues because they are the cheapest! I do really love the Topshop MASAI Tassle Brothel Creepers because they are a different take on Brothel Creepers and the tassles on them looks really cute!!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Woman and Home Shoot!

On Monday 14th November my mum was being photographed to be in the readers part of Woman and Home magazine. I was able to go a long to the shoot and see what goes on! It was a great day and my mum looked fab!! I was very jealous and wished it was me being made up and photographed!
I managed to get a few pictures of my mum:

The first two photographs were taken in the studio which had been painted all white!! 
The third photo is my  mum in St Pancras.


Charity shops!!

I have recently bought a couple of things from charity shops including a necklace. It had pearly coloured leaves and wooden beads. I wasn't very keen on the initial look of it, so I decided to paint it with my Topshop nail varnish.

This is the necklace before:
And this is the finished necklace! Its now a bronze/gold colour which I love!!!

I also bought a cute black and white polka dot sleeveless shirt, which was £3.50 from one of the charity shops (it was originally from Marks and Spencer). It only buttoned 3/4 of the way, so I decided to safety pin the top to make it look as if it was buttoned to the top.
I loved it because it was a take on the dalmatian spots which is on trend this winter.
We went to see the midnight showing of the new Twilight film Breaking Dawn for my house mates birthday. But before that we went out for tapas and cocktails. This is what I wore for the evening. My new charity shop shirt, leather look leggings from River Island and my brogues from Primark. The lipstick I am wearing is from Topshop, I'ts called Inhibition. I'm quite impressed with it, it's a dark red berry colour which is a colour I have never tried before. I will defiantly be buying more Topshop lipsticks!!

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