Wednesday, 9 May 2018

I feel like Baby Spice // Two OOTD

I need to get back on the blog hype

The start of January I went to Tenerife for an all inclusive holiday because f the cold days. It was soo lovely, the temp was only 20-22 degrees but it was hot enough for relaxing by the pool with a cheeky wine or two...

I am one of those people who would love to have a 'style' but I really don't, I either wear band tshirts and a plaid shirt or I go off on one with pastel colours at the moment (I am loving them).
Obviously going away meant I was able to do a lot of online shopping to find some cute summer wear, and I found this amazing dress from Missguided and paired it with my pink platform vans. I genuinely felt like Baby Spice, it was amazing and I cannot wait to wear it more.

On another night I wore my Basement tee which I think is great because of the illustration on the front, paired with my denim skirt and yellow (fake) leather jacket. I feel like my style is either wearing cute pastel stuff or band tee shirts and jeans, and also of course my tees from Pink Bones.
Anyway I had such a nice relaxing week and also managed to get a little tan, now I am back home I feel so inspired to work hard with my tshirts and also my tattoo apprenticeship, 2018 should be a top year *fingers crossed*

Hope you are all well!!


Friday, 13 October 2017

The Foo Fighters Arms // + gig

Completely late to the party but this is from many sundays ago when I went to The Foo Fighters Arms. So obsv being Foo Fighters and being so extra they opened their own pub during the week they played at the O2 and I had to go.
I mean it took an hour to queue to get in but it was defo worth it, the walls were just full of Foo Fighters photos and it had tv screen which was just playing their gigs. There was also drinks named after the new album and a few of their songs: Concrete and Gold, The Sky is a Neighbourhood and La Dee Da. It was pricey but its what you would expect.

Upstairs there was some merch which was cool and also this incredible tea set with their faces on, however it was £250, we asked if any had sold and appaz a few had which is hella crazy hah!

The following Tuesday I made my way to the O2 with my friend who managed to get us STANDING TICKETS to see Foo Fighters, thats right standing. We managed to get an awesome spot and they didn't disappoint.

Rick Astley even made an appearance and I was shook hah. It was such an awesome night and I so want to try and get tickets again when they play next summer. Sorry for the extremely late post and hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading

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Monday, 4 September 2017

My America Uniform and Reflecting

Basically my go to outfit when I was away was this adorable skirt I got from the H&M sale and of course one of my tshirts from Pink Bones, first outfit I am wearing the Till Death Do Us Part tee (which is going to be on sale soon) and the second is my newest tshirt Sleepless Nights tee. On a day to day basis I throw on jeans and a tee but it was very hot whilst I was away especially in New York so I swapped jeans for this skirt and I genuinely love it because its so cute and goes with most things!

Just a few thoughts I had whilst on holiday, first daily blogging was harder than I thought it would be, I did a post for every day I was in New York with just a round up of what we did and it was pretty time consuming, especially since I always had to be thinking oosh I need to document this pizza or outfit haha. Overall though I am so glad I did it, I loved sharing my adventure out there and also now I have something to look back on as a nice keep sake of the trip which was a once in a lifetime for me. 

After the daily blogging bit a big thing popped into my head. I have had my blog for I think 7 years... yep you heard 7 years. I originally started it back in 2010/11 and just did it every now and then until this year when I wanted to rejoin the blogging community which has been so welcoming so far. My main concern was that I felt a lot of pressure to have perfect photos and got a bit upset and felt my content wasn't good enough compared to others. BUT that is not the attitude nor is it very fun at all. I see other bloggers and aspire to be successful like them and use their posts/content to inspire myself to work hard. But more importantly to be myself and enjoy what I am doing, I don't want to ever lose my personality or messy approach to things hah, I am very DIY and I like it. I hope I can grow and improve but never lose that. Obvs I need to get clued up on maybe composition and how to edit photos, but it will be good to look back on my photos and hopefully see I have improved!! 

So I just went completely off topic, but I had a lot of time to reflect whilst relaxing by the pool and sea in the second week and I thought it would be good to let you guys know incase anyone has had the same struggles or rut! Let me know if you have or any tips to motivate yourself or to help not compare yourself to others!
Thanks so much for reading!!

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Five

The High Line - this was our last day in New York so we decided to walk The High Line which is an elevated path of a disused railway track. It was really green and pretty but was still overlooked by the high buildings of the city which was cool. Throughout the walk there were art installations and little ice cream carts which was super cute!

Obviously was representing Pink Bones on the walk!
Till Death Do Us Part tee

We then ventured off to The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is full of many beautiful fine art collections. We obviously found the rooftop bar which had some interesting sculptures on and a stunning view of central park and the skyline. It was beaut!!

This was basically a day for views, we went up the Rockefeller centre look out point which is called Top of the Rock. It was so nice being above the busy streets of New York and overlooking the city, I could even spy the Statue of Liberty! After this we went out for dinner and straight to bed. I am really glad we did the most touristy things possible whilst in New York, I would defo come back but stay in Brooklyn and find the more secret places. They were an amazing 4 days spent there but now I am ready to lie down for a week in Cape Cod (Jaws was filmed here) and find some shark merch.

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Friday, 25 August 2017

New York Photo Diary // Day Four

We went off early to catch the bus to head to the uptown tour. The tour was mainly around central park and also took us to Harlem.
The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine which is above was really interested- This cathedral is actually not finished, there is only one bell tower which is crazy. It has been around since the late 1800's and its construction and restoration is still an ongoing process. I loved it because it looks so gothic which is why I wanted to take snaps of it. During the ride through Harlem we passed the famous Apollo venue, as it is Wednesday it is amateur night. Amateur night isn’t for the faint hearted, you have to be good otherwise not only are you booed by the crowd you also get taken off stage by the executioner!!

We could not come to New York and not go to Grand Central Terminal, it was beautiful inside and was very grand thats for sure. We also rode the subway a couple times which was rad. However I prefer the London tubes as I could not get my head around the Subway hah.

After that we stopped for some lunch and headed back up to central park where we found this cute Alice in wonderland statue, we then rented a little boat and rowed in the lake. It was so lovely and chill compared to us rushing through the streets and dodging the passing people.

We then ran home to get on the final bus to have the nighttime tour, which takes us into Brooklyn. We went over the Manhattan bridge which had amazing views of the skyline and Brooklyn bridge, it was pretty much perfect. We found a cute little bar afterwards on 8th avenue to have some food before going quickly to bed after the super busy day.

Again I was so so tired that as soon as we got back to the hotel I was asleep in no time!!

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